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Heart Activities for the Classroom

How did early physicians listen to the heart? This simple activity uses cardboard tubes to imitate those early heart discoveries.

Healthy Heart
An animal heart can really help demonstrate the structure of the real human heart.

Let the Light Shine In
While not specifically related to the heart, this activity about the human eye is a nice followup or counterpart to your heart explorations.

The Cell
The deepest exploration of the human heart will take you to the cell. All of the living matter in the human body is made up of cells.

Watch the Brain Learn
If the heart is vital to quantity of life, the brain is vital to quality of life. Working together, the heart and the brain truly make us who we are.

What's This?

You are viewing a page in The Franklin Institute's online exploration of the human heart. It is one of many Resources for Science Learning which inspire scientific curiosity.

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